When will the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S be released in Australia

Apple’s first iPhone was introduced to an eagerly awaiting world in 2007 and was the first mobile device to have a touchscreen and on-demand application template, both of which have now been incorporated into the mobile devices manufactured by Apple’s main competitors. Now the Apple iPhone is at the forefront of the market and the benchmark for all other similar devices.

iPhone 5 should be priced the same as previous generations

Apple is geared up to rock the tech world with the upcoming release of new iPhone 5. Steve Jobs is working out on plans, post release of iPad 2, internally for releasing the new iPhone on a big scale. The price point of iPhone 5 is expected to be similar to that of its predecessor. The 16 GB variant would be for $199/month while the 32 GB variant would be for $299/month. The end users would have to enter into a contract for 2 years and after which the phone would be unlocked for operator switch, if required. The regular league of service providers, AT&T and Verizon, are anticipated to hit the deal with Apple sooner for them to showcase the product at international forum. (more…)

Release of the iPhone 5 to be delayed till end of the year

Reports from Fast Company, has suggested the iPhone to be released in November rather than the normal June/July period.  With the White iPhone 4 finally released after a year wait, we could see iPhone 4 sales hit higher figures.  The white iphone 4 has been seen to be delibrately delayed due to the fact that the sales of the iPhone 4 black edition has been nothing but remarkable.  (more…)

White iPhone 4 costs the same price as the black version

With the White iPhone 4 officially released in the States, we expect it arrive on Australian shores by May 15th.  The pricing for the white edition was the same as the black version.   There is expected to be surge in sales for Apple, as the white trendy edition has been a huge hit amongst girls who love fashion. (more…)

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